There is a Light that Never Goes Out: On Quarter Life Crisis

Yes, I’ve failed but I’ve tried and I live with no regrets. I’ve always move forward and this time it’ll be no different.


Keep Looking, Don’t Settle.

Therefore, I enjoyed a discussion like this which was able to show me the different aspect of social media. The question or whether or not we really need to learn more about anything other than our expertise comes down to one point: we'll never know if we just spend ourselves cocooning in our comfort zone, hesitant to explore.

Remembrance to The Year of Discovery.

Here's to a joyful year filled with discovery and accomplished achievements. Here's to a sorrowful misfortune. Here's to another year where I'm still lucky enough to be able to breath, smile, laugh, frown, cry, and share all of it with my loved one. 2014 was better than 2013 although 2013 wasn't as bad as 2012. … Continue reading Remembrance to The Year of Discovery.