My Project: The Avonturir

Rifda Amalia (left) and I at Bazaar Art Jakarta 2016, the last art event we attended before she departed to New York. We started as a colleague in British Council, both working as Arts Programme Officer, but as time went by we develop a really strong bond and a shared passion for adventure and storytelling.

A month before Rifda Amalia departure to New York, we discuss to actualize our dream of having a mini project together. In between lunch break and many adventures, we reminisce about our effortless bond and seemingly instant connection stemming from our shared passion for stories and our unwavering interest to write. We have a very contrasting style of writing, Rifda is a champion of metaphor and simple prose written eloquently in Bahasa Indonesia, while I, I choose to write bare naked, divulging my emotions freely in an almost stream-of-consciousness way. This blog is not only a prolog to many future projects that we dream of doing together. It’s also our playground, our memory vault, our way to keep motivating each other to explore the dodgy corners of Jakarta and New York while sharing stories not only to each other but to everyone else whose life is a journey of exploration as well. And through this correspondence between two people who seems to move and think in almost synchronize way, we’d like to share many stories about arts and cultural issues, about places to explore in each respective place, and about people who’ve colored our endless adventure.

Please enjoy our corresponding stories in our shared blog: The Avonturir.

“Here’s to freedom, cheers to art. Here’s to having an excellent adventure and may the stopping never start.”

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